Annastasia Carter

Annastasia Carter

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Name: Annastasia Carter

School Attended: Queen’s College

Intended Career: Attorney at Law

Annastasia resides in E Field Sophia with her family. She is the fourth of five siblings. The family owns and operate a small pastry and catering business from their home. They mainly supply persons from the community. The family erected a small tent in front of their home and the items are sold out of a glass case.

After sitting the CXC examination this year, Annastasia wanted to continue to the sixth form to study Pe-Law at her school, however, her family’s limited resources did not permit her to do so. Finances were so tight, that her sibling just before her, was forced to drop out of a Medical Program at The University of Guyana (UG).  Instead, Annastasia ended up assisting her mom in the family business while actively seeking employment. Her plan was to find a job to earn the finances needed to pay her tuition at the University of Guyana.  Since she did not have the Pre- Law subjects required to enter the program directly, she would have done the International Relations program and switch to the Law program after completing one year. The Law program would take three (3) years to complete.

In pursuit of her goal, Annastasia attended a Work Readiness Program with the Specialist in Sustained Youth Development and Research (SSYDR) Inc., in October 2019. This program was held in the Charlestown community where her parents originated from. This training was sponsored by the Citizens Security Strengthening Program. While attending this program the facilitators learned of her plight to earn her tuition to attend UG, as she brought pastries from the family business to sell at the training site on a daily basis to her colleagues and trainers.

Tuition + Subsistence= $2,476,364 GY ($12,383 US)

From Annastasia

My name is Annastasia Carter, I’m 19 years old and currently a student majoring in International relations at the University of Guyana. I believe my studies of the social sciences will not only give me a sound foundation for my career but also positively impact my life long journey. Though I’m uncertain of the title I would like to wear in the future I know that I am in the right place. What I truly love about my major is the wide scope we’re provided and the opportunity to venture further into careers of the Political sciences such as Politician, Diplomat, Economist.

Among the things, I’m most passionate about is Art, I spend my free time not only adoring the work of past artists, authors, and poets but also making art of my own. While growing up I’ve always been labeled ‘artistic’ and I wear the title proudly. I’m now in my second year of University and to my disappointment, since I’ve started all my classes have been online, but I make good use of my time. Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, I painted and made beaded jewelry, but I have taken advantage of the additional time on my hands and began sewing and designing handbags and it won’t be long until I pursue my other interests such as crocheting and making pottery.

As a student of international relations and before as well I have been committed to the welfare of my community and at large my country. Doing charity work and helping to look after the well-being of our people only solves half of the issue and temporarily at that, applying ourselves and getting to the heart of societal, economic issues plaguing our nation would be a more powerful, lasting move. This, of course, is not as simple as it sounds but studying these phenomena is the first step and I’ve already made it and plan on progressing for I am a philanthropist at heart.